An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish, beached and dying after a storm. A young man was picking them up and flinging them back into the ocean. "Why do you bother?" the old man scofted. "You're not saving enough to make a difference." The young man picked up another starfish and sent it spinning back to the water. "Made a difference to that one," he said.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19- Just a couple of minutes

Today my gifts were simple and only took me a couple of minutes each.  Do you ever come across an article in a magazine or in the paper that makes you think of someone? Do you ever get a catalog and see something that a friend was looking for but couldn’t find?
When I started college my father would always send me an article he had read in the local newspaper or a magazine that he thought would be of interest to me.  He would attach a little note to let me know he was thinking of me. This started in college and still continues today.  It is something that probably takes him a couple of minutes and the cost of a stamp.  But it always puts a smile on my face and brings a little sunshine to my day.  I don’t think it matters how old we are, we still love to receive “special” mail.
My first gift was to one of my friends who had mentioned to me that she had been struggling to keep her kids paperwork organized. Today I received a catalog from .  They always seem to have random and unique items. I found a couple of organizational products that I thought may help.  I sent her an e-mail with a couple of the items, their description and item number.  I hope it helped or at least gave her a couple of ideas of things to look for when shopping.
My second gift today was to one of my dearest friends from college.  She recently took on teaching a class at the local community college.  This is a great opportunity for her and will hopefully open some doors for a continued career in teaching.  Last week I wrote a paper on Servant Leadership for the MBA course I am taking.  One of the articles discussed how to be a servant leader in the classroom and with your students. When I read this article I immediately thought of my friend. So today I wrote a note letting her know how much I appreciate her friendship and that this article made me think of her.
Do you come across articles that could help a friend or brighten someone’s day?  I encourage you, the next time you come across an article that you think a friend or family member would enjoy, drop it in the mail with a special note.  It will take just a couple of minutes!

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